Warranty statement

*This Warranty is in addition to, and does not override, consumers’ statutory rights that cannot be waived or limited by contract. Consumers are free to make a warranty claim under this Warranty. They may also exercise their statutory consumer rights.

Note: This Warranty is valid only for products that you purchased through our authorised distributors (Products). We sell our Products through our website www.duelhawk.com and other websites hosted on domains that are registered by the Duelhawk group of companies and flagship stores established in online marketplaces that are registered under the name of a Duelhawk entity or an authorised Duelhawk consignee or reseller. We refer to our authorised distributors as the Stores. As we cannot determine the authenticity or original condition of products sold through channels outside of our Stores, we regretfully won’t be able to provide warranty support for those products.

a. What our Warranty covers

We warrant the following:

  • The Product you bought will match the descriptions we gave you when you contacted us, or through our Stores; and
  • The Product will be of satisfactory quality; and
  • The Product will fit your particular purpose if we promised that the Product would meet a need you told us about, based on our records.

Our Warranty starts from the date you received your Product. Your date of receipt will be the date shown on our delivery records for your order. We will repair or replace all defective Products. In the unlikely event that we can’t fix a defective Product, we will reimburse you the purchase price that you paid, less the amount directly attributable to your use and enjoyment of the Product in question before the non-conformance was discovered. We may also accept your request for a partial refund as far as justified by the reduced value of the unrepaired Product if you opt to keep it.

b. What our Warranty does not cover

Our Warranty commitments do not cover claims resulting from:

  • wear and tear, or due to the aging of materials;
  • minor deviations of the Products from images posted in the Stores or due to naturally occurring variations in the materials used or manual assembly of Products;
  • improper assembly, use or care, contact with animals, or site or environmental conditions (such as environments with high heat, high humidity, high salinity or pollutant gases);
  • use for commercial purposes;
  • contact with moisture (including, without limitation, due to conditions such as hyperhidrosis or contact with aqueous or organic solvents), thermal degradation or elements that are known to cause a breakdown of materials;
  • modifications or failure to follow the recommended assembly or aftercare instructions; or
  • abuse, negligence, accident, fire or water damage, transportation by the customer or other causes beyond our control.

To prevent the voiding of your Warranty, please follow the instructions provided in the Aftercare Guide and the Assembly Guide and Video.

c. How to make a Warranty claim

Please submit your Warranty service claims promptly. We recommend that you submit your claims within 14 days of noticing the defect to prevent further damage to the Product that would make it difficult to determine if the defect is inherent to the Product or due to the misuse of the Product by the user. You must provide your order number to validate your Warranty claim. Submit your Warranty claims through the contact form or by writing to us at info@duelhawk.com to ensure proper handling. You must provide us with a clear picture of the alleged defect. If you refuse to send us the picture that we need to process your Warranty claim, we may assume that you cannot substantiate your Warranty claim or have abandoned it. Our Warranty enables you to service your own Product. For defects in faulty parts, we will ship the replacement parts to you free of charge and provide you with the necessary installation or assembly instructions. You may replace the parts by yourself or through a third party, but we won't be responsible for any labour costs due to the replacement. Replacements may vary slightly in looks from what you bought because some of our parts are finished by hand. Replacement items will be warranted until the end of the warranty period for the originals which they replaced or 30 days from the date you receive the replacement items, whichever is later. We may need you to ship back faulty parts to us. If so, we will collect the defective parts from you at our own cost.

Should you require us to repair or replace an item that is out of Warranty, you will pay for all the costs of repair and replacement. Examples of these costs include handling, transport, packaging and shipment charges and customs duty.

d. Limitation on transferability of warranties

Our Warranty applies to the original purchaser only. All subsequent owners of the Product acquire it "as is". Any attempt to transfer any Warranty in violation of this paragraph will void the Warranty. If you have questions about the transferability of your Warranty, please contact Duelhawk at info@duelhawk.com. Duelhawk, the Duelhawk logos, are trademarks and registered trademarks of Duelhawk Limited.